Door To Door Mask Scam

Door To Door Mask Scam. 24.“people are going door to door handing out masks, they say it’s a new initiative from local government. 23.a police bulletin warns scammers are going door to door handing out face masks doused in chemicals that cause the wearer to fall unconscious, allowing them to rob the property.

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3.british social media users have claimed criminals are going door to door handing out chemically doused masks in order to commit robbery during the new coronavirus pandemic. A purported police bulletin warning of a new burglary scam has been shared thousands of times by facebook users based in the australian state of victoria. Selling fake or overpriced items to protect yourself, such as fake sanitizers or face masks.

In January 2022, A “Police Bulletin” Hoax Circulated On Social Media, Primarily Facebook, That Claimed People Were Going Door To Door To.

As indicated by examining, the stunt or the manufacturing message was shared on facebook as a notification. 20.the posts, which vary slightly from platform to platform, claim that thieves are going door to door, pretending to be from the local government handing out. ‘people are going door to door handing out masks, saying it's from the local government.

23.Some Of The Posts Say Authorities Have Already Been Alerted To The Scam.

This claim is partly false. Fake charity collectors who take a donation and then pocket the cash. Consumers are reporting that the masks show up in just a regular brown mailing envelope.

They Will Always Ask You To Please Put It On To See If It Fits You.

It was spread during late march and during early april 2020. 20.important points on door to door mask scam: 5.this is a scam!!!!, chief james davis said in the post.

It’s Doused With Chemicals Which Knocks You Out Cold.

There is no evidence of this police warning or of this crime taking place. They say it’s a new initiative from local government. We see that the chemical reported on the mask is an issue, but the covid cases are also rising, and there are chances of getting the germs.

Please Do Not Accept Masks From Strangers.

20.police warn of coronavirus scam where criminals posing as cdc visit homes in lab coats and masks to attempt robbery by jason murdock on 3/20/20 at 12:35 pm edt share Their real aim, however, is to convince you into buying their products or service you actually don't need. The claim has been shared at least 16,800 times on facebook ( here , here , here ).

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