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Logthefloat Com. Tap on amc shares >> add amc shares. We can now also submit information.

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And if you want to pick up some cool amc related merch. With instabug's sdk, allow your beta testers to send their feedback and report bugs directly from within the app. 23.marc cohodes just confirmed that adam aron and himself will be issuing an amc nft dividend or “gift”.

Amc Is The Most Held Security Among Retail Investors And That Has Become The Most Valuable Asset To Long Institutions.

Posted by 20 days ago. Sign in sign in with google. was created by gamestop & amc apes to spread awareness around the number of possible synthetic shares by logging as many retail investors shares as possible, without asking for any personal or brokerage account data whatsoever.

All Amc Shorts Must Be Bought Back And Covered, Not Reset.

23.marc cohodes just confirmed that adam aron and himself will be issuing an amc nft dividend or “gift”. At the point when you get enlisted login into your record. you will learn about the worst frauds.

And If You Want To Pick Up Some Cool Amc Related Merch.

9.dispatch logthefloat com on the program. If the goal is to show more shares than the float exist great. Let me know down in the comments below what you think about ken griffin being on house arrest and what you think of the shorts having lost control over amc.

A) Log Your Shares As A Guest (No Need For An Email Or Registration) Or B) If You Want To Be Able To Update The Number Of Shares Your Own Later (In Case You Buy More) You Can Create An Account Using An Email Address (Can Be A Burner Email.

Then, at that point, acknowledge agreements. I also want to talk about exactly how we can fight against the creation of these synthetic shares and cause the amc squeeze so stay tuned and let's make some money, and now i want to dive straight in. If it is meant to be a way to stamp ape claims onto shares then not so great.

Another Page Will Open, Decide To Make A Record Choice.

If you landed on, then before considering it read this article and. Based on all available data sources it is clear that shorts have not covered yet and in fact they have doubled down or tripled down. Beware of shills newest scam,

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