Wulfz Nft

Wulfz Nft. Wulfz have the ability to visit the daycare via the wulfz hub to adopt & train their very own special pupz! He's talking about 13276 people

WULFZ on Twitter "๐Ÿบ WULFZ x DREADFULZ ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ Thankyou from twitter.com

There are 992 wulfz official owners, owning a total supply of 5,940 tokens. Wulfz is one of the only pixelated nft projects i genuinely care about. Check out wulfz_nft_official's nfts on opensea, the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles.

The Remaining 5535 Wulfz Are Spawned With 150+ Different Traits.

We donโ€™t want to rush things, so this is subject to change but our team is. Once in a while, a full moon will appear & wulfz can awoo to evolve into an alpha wulf! Thread below on why i'm bullish about their future

2.Wulfz Official Nfts Were Sold 202 Times In The Last 7 Days.

The people who own this token have included an astonishing amount of details into every pixel to produce the finest quality. A pack of 5.555 wulfz finding their way through the metaverse! Verified events are submitted by verified members of our discord community.

A Pack Of 5,555 Wulfz Finding Their Way Through The Metaverse.

The total sales volume for wulfz official was $91.05k. 75.29% / 4327 wulfz staked as of 2/2/2022 (opensea holder count is inaccurate). Add @nft_vibe to your twitter giveaway and you will get our boost promo package for free which includes:

A Pack Of 5,555 Wulfz Finding Their Way Through The Metaverse

Wulfz are peaceful creatures, but they will do anything. So those remaining tokens from these. Iโ€™m a big fan of the wulfz art.

We Have A Limited Time Offer For You!

In this video, i tell you what we know so far about this project, including how who's behind the wulfz project, what i thin. Snow is the person of this token. The owners of this token have set an amazing number of nuances in all of their pixels to create the best quality.

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